Immaculate Heart of Mary, PCS, LLC

Personal care services provide non-medical hands-on assistance with activities of daily living for older adults and individuals living with disabilities.  Our caregivers either assist the individual with the personal care task or provide supervision and prompting so the individuatl performs the task by him/herself.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We will continue to strive to earn recognition as a respected one-on-one care to the elderly and disabled.





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Immaculate Heart of Mary

​Personal Care Services LLC

Long Term Care (LTC)

Early and Periodic Screen, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program (EPSDT)

Children's Choice Waiver

Community Choice Waiver

New Opportunities Waiver (NOW)


We will provide quality Personal Care Service that will exceed your expectations.  We are committed to ensuring that individuals have the tools and resources to fully participate in their lives, families and communities. 

What we do